Dave and Claire Malpas – 31 Columbia Road, Sandringham

"We first encountered Richard as the real estate agent for a house we were interested in. We were impressed with his approach and diligence - so much so we purchased the property. We were then in a position where we needed to sell our current property, and asked Richard to assist us in doing this.

Previous Owners of house in Argyle Street, Herne Bay

"Selling a high-value property is not necessarily the same “colour-by-numbers” exercise as for properties in other segments of the market. The pool of potential buyers is smaller, and harder to reach out to in many respects. To start with, we tried the conventional approaches to selling our house: conventional real estate agents for the area,

Christine and Simon Hart – 16 Seymour Street, St Marys Bay

“We met Richard roughly 18 months ago while he was selling another property in St Marys Bay and he kept in touch. After showing us several homes in Herne and St Marys Bay, he managed to get a good idea of our requirements. We were staying at our daughters home, getting rather restless when Richard

Malcolm & Hayley – 45 Arran Street, Avondale

“Richard we want to express our gratitude to you for helping us to sell our home. The circumstances in which we had to sell were extremely difficult and time pressured. Throughout the process you were impeccably professional but also sensitive and empathic to our situation. Not to mention patient! For me this understanding was priceless.