Peta Leary – 4/5 Woodville Road, Remuera

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Peta Leary – 4/5 Woodville Road, Remuera

I want to sincerely thank you for the exceptional service and results delivered during a difficult sales process by your sales people, Mr Roy Tong and Mr Richard White.

As one of four owners in a unique Remuera property we had a slim chance to market the property as a whole and maximise our investments.

A number of top quality agencies (with their best sales people) pitched for the business. Whilst Harcourts was not the cheapest in terms of fees and marketing, we agreed to list with Harcourts as we felt that you had put together the right team and understood the sales and negotiation process

best. You proved that you could handle multiple vendors, and you had excellent connections in our target market. And importantly, we felt as though you genuinely cared about us.

The campaign was thorough and detailed. Issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently. I was thoroughly impressed with the constant level of communication from Roy and Richard – whether it be a phone call, a quick text, wechat or email. There was no room for me to be concerned about the process at any stage.

During the final negotiations when it became quite stressful, Roy and Richard did not let us down, they remained calm and firm and clearly had our best interests at heart.

We are thrilled with the result that Roy and Richard achieved for us, and we would absolutely recommend them to any prospective vendor.

I am happy to provide a verbal reference if required.

Peta Leary – 4/5 Woodville Rd, Remuera